Community Compliance Charter

George Town Council Community Compliance Officers work tirelessly throughout the entire George Town municipality, from Hillwood to Low Head and Beechford to Bellingham, to ensure the safety, health and wellbeing of our community by carrying out their functions in line with this Community Compliance Charter. George Town Council employs a number of Community Compliance Officers, including a qualified Environmental Health Officer, for the purposes of maintaining the standards required by Council under legislation.



The purpose of this Community Compliance Charter (Charter) is to set out expected service standards and to provide simple and clear information about how George Town Council Community Compliance Officers undertake their statutory compliance and enforcement functions. These functions include but are not limited to:

  • Investigating Dog Attacks
  • Investigating Public or Environmental Nuisance Complaints including complaints regarding:
    • Dogs at large
    • Cat management issues
    • Noise
    • Untidy Premises
    • Smoke
  • Investigating Environmental Health Complaints
  • Conducting Food Licence inspections
  • Conducting Kennel Licence Inspections
  • Investigating Compliance with the Fire Hazard Reduction Program
  • Undertaking recreational water and pool sampling
  • Issuing Abatement Notices and/or Infringement Notices