George Town Destination Action Plan - Launched 2019

George Town Destination Action Plan (commonly known as DAP), was officially launched by the Hon. Peter Gutwein, Treasurer, at a community event held on Sunday 10th February at Windmill Point Playground area. 

DAP is a new initiative that has proven successful in regional Victoria. The Tasmanian Government committed $220,000 to develop 32 action plans for key destinations across Tasmania, with George Town being identified as 1 of the 32.

The DAP process brought together representatives from all stakeholder groups that benefit from the visitor economy, local government, Tourism Northern Tasmania, industry and the community, who have worked in collaboration to develop the action plan.  The plan was prepared by a facilitated workshop followed by regular meetings who considered and reached consensus on tourism development, marketing, management opportunities, and challenges. This plan identifies the challenges and opportunities facing George Town and strategies to establish achievable, affordable priorities that, if delivered, will increase George Town’s competiveness.

A core strategy is to recognise that visitors to the region are primarily attracted to destinations and experiences. Therefore, the development, marketing and management of the region’s destinations are pivotal to the success of the whole region. Through the collaboration of all stakeholders, the DAP identifies priority strategies and actions which, if implemented over 3 years, will enhance competitiveness of George Town as a primary visitor destination of the region.  These strategies will also facilitate regional collaboration and cooperation.

Destination Action Plan