Community & Memorial Donations

From time to time Council receives requests from individuals wishing to make a donation to the community of George Town through the provision of an item on Council land, or on land under the care and control of Council to enhance the amenity of the environment and in some cases for the remembrance of a deceased community member, next of kin or relative.

A well designed, planned and displayed memorial with a small interpretive plaque where appropriate may provide some comfort for grieving community members. Council is committed to protecting such areas while providing opportunities for appropriately designed private memorials to honour those individuals who have significantly contributed to the greater good of the community and/or those who have lived in the community over an extended period of time. 

Should you wish to enquire about making a Community or Memorial donation, please contact the General Manager directly to discuss your requirements and to verify the preferred location for your donation and any costs involved prior to submitting your application. Some locations may be practically limited or unsuitable and Council reserves the right to limit the number of items in any given area.

If you would like to proceed with your proposal following discussion with the General Manager and apply for a Memorial Bench or other item, you are invited to read Council's Guidelines for a private memorial on park furniture(PDF) and complete the Application for Private Memorial Bench within Council Area(PDF).

Please note: All communication must be directly between the applicant and the General Manager. Council will not accept application for a community or memorial donation from a third party representative.