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Assessed disclosure

Applications for the George Town Council are to be addressed to:

Right to Information Officer
George Town Council
PO Box 161
George Town   TAS   7253
Or email:  

A form to assist in making an application is available from Council Office, or can be downloaded here.

Applications for information need to be made to the department, authority or council holding the relevant information or most closely linked to the information. A webpage like this one is available for most other public authorities.

If you are not using the form, please note that your applications must be made in writing and include the information which is requested in the application form - this is a requirement of Regulation 4 of the Right to Information Regulations 2010.  

Applications are to be accompanied by the application fee. This fee is 25 fee units, which is $38.25 inclusive of GST for financial year 2016-17 and is indexed annually.

You may apply to have the fee waived if:

  • You are in financial hardship - we take that to mean that you are on income support payments (we would usually ask to see evidence that you are in receipt of Centrelink or veterans affairs payments);
  • Where you are a member of parliament and the application is in connection with their official duty; or
  • The you are able to gives us information which shows that the information sought is intended to be used for a purpose that is of general public interest or benefit.

Make sure you have looked for the information before you make a formal application, because if the information is otherwise available your application may be refused without the return of you application fee.

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