Role & Function

Local Governments are elected to represent their local communities; to be a responsible and accountable sphere of democratic governance; to be a focus for community identity and civic spirit; to provide appropriate services to meet community needs in an efficient and effective manner; and to facilitate and coordinate local efforts and resources in pursuit of community goals.

The George Town Council consists of 9 Councillors elected by the community who also elect the Mayor and Deputy Mayor. Council meetings are usually held on the fourth Tuesday of each month at the Council Chambers in Anne Street, George Town. In accordance with the COVID-19 Disease Emergency (Miscellaeous Provisions) Act 2020 Council meetings ill be hled with a limitation on public attendance to maintain social distancing.  You must pre-register to attend meetings of Council.

Councillors take an active role in the community, attending ordinary and special meetings of Council, Council Committee meetings and various meetings and receptions throughout their term. Councillors also represent the community at regional, state and national forums and attend seminars and training programs to ensure they are well equipped to carry out their duties as elected representatives.