Our Futures


Our Futures is all about creating young leaders.

Our Futures is a collective impact, community led project that is about increasing the visibility of young people, building their capacity and skills, whilst increasing their opportunities to engage in meaningful decision-making across the George Town Municipality. Our Futures is funded through the 2021 Strategic Initiatives Grant from the Tasmanian Community Fund, with additional funding contributed by George Town Council.

Our Futures is structured around five phases:

  • Foundations.  Engaging young people, building relationships, co-designing approaches

  • Capacity Building. Delivering workshops and building the skills of young people to be effective leaders

  • Raising Youth Voices.  Collecting data, sense-making and sharing with the wider community

  • Driving Change.  Young people leading the solutions and sharing decision-making power with the wider community

  • Learning.  Evaluate, reflect and refine to be the leaders that the rest of the state look to for inspiration.

How can you get involved?

Seagulls to Chips - Youth Leaders of George Town.  Co-designed with a handful of young people over an 8 week Ideas Lab, the Youth Leaders Program has been created to be an effective avenue of capacity building for 20 young leaders each year in the George Town area.  In partnership with schools and local service providers, the Youth Leaders Program will host an array of high-end facilitators that will deliver relevant training to selected young people.

Seagulls to Chips Application Form 

George Town Youth Advisory Group.  The George Town Youth Advisory Group is made up of individuals that live or attend school in the George Town municipality and that have a heart to help shape a positive future for all young people in the community.  They are passionate about representing young people about issues, concerns and opportunities that can be generated at a local government level, whilst having a finger on the pulse of state and national influences.

Youth Advisory Group EOI

Youth Voice Collection.  Young People will be recruited to carry out voice collection work with support of the Project Officer, with the purpose of gathering data and feedback about what life is like for a local young person, what barriers are present, and what opportunities could be made for a better future.  The Collection of youth voices will be collated and summarised with the intention to be presented at an end of year youth event.

Youth Outreach and Engagement.  The Project Officer aims to listen to the heartbeat of the community, establishing and building relationships with service providers, community groups and the wider community.  As a way of keeping on track with youth needs and opportunities, the Champions of Our Futures meet monthly at the Launchpad room.  The Champions are a sub-group of the George Town Future Impact Group. Their key purpose is to provide advice, support and accountability to the delivery of the FIG “Our Futures” Youth project jointly funded by the TCF and Council. 

Youth Advisory Group Terms of Reference