Event Planning Toolkit

Contributing significantly to our local economy, social wellbeing and cultural experience, event ideas can come from anywhere and anyone. They can originate from within our community or be hosted by an external operator. 

Events could feature music, food and wine, arts, craft, local markets, health and wellbeing, sports, heritage and culture, wildlife or the environment.


What makes an event?

An event is a prearranged, organised, recreational, cultural or commercial social gathering of people. All events require good project management and a team of willing workers dedicated to making the event a success. Any event held in a public open space, on Council-owned land, is open to the community or involves street closures must follow an application for the approval process. The applications you may need to submit for review and approval can depend on where you will be hosting the event, the risks involved, size, and or duration. 

Where to start? 

The best place to start is by preparing an Event Management Plan for your own reference. While preparing your plan use this document to consider which of the following applications or permits you may need. It is not a requirement to submit this plan to Council. Ensure you give yourself plenty of time to provide all the information required for each individual application/permit process. You will need to allow at least eight months for events over 100 people and two months for smaller events.

Download our Event Planning Toolkit to get you started. You'll find information on what forms you will need, links to download them and more!