Local Provisions Schedule (LPS)

UPDATE 04/07/2022 

George Town Council is now accepting submissions relating to the George Town Draft Local Provisions Schedule (LPS) - closing 1st September 2022



George Town Council is currently in the process of transitioning to the Tasmanian Planning Scheme.  The Tasmanian Planning Scheme is made up of two components: 

  1. The State Planning Provisions; and
  2. The Local Provisions Schedule.


The State Planning Provisions set out the way the planning scheme operates, the zones that can be applied to land and the planning provisions that apply to use and development occurring within those zones. They also include controls within the codes, relating to matters that occur across various zones. The State Planning Provisions can be accessed here.


Council cannot vary the State Planning Provisions, but they can choose where the zones and codes apply through the development of zone maps. Councils can also develop local provisions that add to and complement the Tasmanian Planning Scheme to manage matters that are important to individual communities, including: 

  • Zones, specific area plans and codes for particular purposes that are not provided for in the Tasmanian Planning Scheme;
  • Site specific qualifications for exceptional circumstances.


The maps which determine the application of zoning along with any specific local provisions, together form the 'Local Provisions Schedule'.


The Local Provisions Schedule approval process and the role of the Tasmanian Planning Commission in the process can be viewed on the Tasmanian Planning Commission website, via the following link:

Draft Local Provisions Schedule Approval Process (planning.tas.gov.au)


Council has spent a significant time updating the Planning Scheme, in accordance with legislation and guidelines issued by the Tasmanian Planning Commission, in order to bring it into consistency with the Tasmanian Planning Scheme framework.


Full details including maps and supporting documents which will make up the Draft LPS can be viewed at the bottom of this page.

These documents may also be viewed and downloaded from the Tasmanian Planning Commission website at: www.planning.tas.gov.au



Council has now been directed by the Tasmanian Planning Commission to commence the next step in the transition process, which includes public consultation.


Formal exhibition of the Local Provision Schedule will commence on the 4th July 2022 and will continue for a period of 60 days, until the 1st September 2022. Any person may lodge a representation to the Local Provision Schedule during this time. Notice of the exhibition period will be publicly advertised in the Examiner on 2nd July and 9th July, 2022 – you can find a copy of the advert below.

The relevant documents are available for viewing below or can be viewed at the Council Office at 16-18 Anne Street, George Town, during normal business hours.

Exhibition Notice - George Town Draft LPS



Anyone may make a representation on the George Town Draft LPS. It is important to remember that any representations must relate to matters in the Draft LPS.


 Representations cannot be accepted on the following matters: 

  • Content of a provision of the State Planning Provisions (SPP);
  • Matters that do not relate to the contents or merit of the draft LPS.


Representations can be made by writing to the George Town Council via post or email: 

  • PO Box 161, George Town, Tas, 7253
  • Planning@georgetown.tas.gov.au



Council will consider the representations received and prepare a report considering the merits of each representation which we will then send to the Tasmanian Planning Commission (TPC). The TPC will then hold public hearings where public representations and Council’s report are considered. We will notify the community of any public hearings via our website and social media



Council will be holding information sessions at George Town, Hillwood and Weymouth in August – please come along to one of the below dates to discuss with the Planning team.


Alternatively you can give us a call to speak with Council’s Town Planner or book an appointment.



  • George Town – Tuesday 2nd August 4:00-7:00pm in Jim Mooney Gallery at Memorial Hall
  • Hillwood – Thursday 4th August 4:00-7:00pm at Hillwood Hall
  • Weymouth – Tuesday 9th August 4:00-7:00pm at Weymouth Hall



The draft maps indicating what zones and codes will apply where are available via an online interactive mapping tool. The interactive mapping tool can be accessed for the duration of the exhibition period, by clicking here.



Filename Filesize Date
rod-knight-background-report-for-priority-vegetation-overlay.pdf (23 downloads) 3.52 MB 2022-07-28
hillwood-structure-plan.pdf (20 downloads) 4.44 MB 2022-07-28
george-town-structure-plan.pdf (30 downloads) 35.81 MB 2022-07-28
george-town-draft-lps-zone-maps-exhibited-version.pdf (52 downloads) 16.93 MB 2022-06-30
george-town-draft-lps-written-document-exhibited-version.pdf (17 downloads) 272.8 kB 2022-06-30
george-town-draft-lps-supporting-report-exhibited-version.pdf (20 downloads) 48.63 MB 2022-06-30
george-town-draft-lps-supporting-report-appendix-5-flussig-report-exhibited-version-part5.pdf (7 downloads) 7.57 MB 2022-06-30
george-town-draft-lps-supporting-report-appendix-5-flussig-report-exhibited-version-part4.pdf (4 downloads) 47.39 MB 2022-06-30
george-town-draft-lps-supporting-report-appendix-5-flussig-report-exhibited-version-part3.pdf (4 downloads) 679.52 kB 2022-06-30
george-town-draft-lps-supporting-report-appendix-5-flussig-report-exhibited-version-part2.pdf (4 downloads) 13.79 MB 2022-06-30
george-town-draft-lps-supporting-report-appendix-5-flussig-report-exhibited-version-part1.pdf (3 downloads) 1.41 MB 2022-06-30
george-town-draft-lps-site-specific-qualifications-overlay-exhibited-version.pdf (13 downloads) 13.77 MB 2022-06-30
george-town-draft-lps-raw-rem-priority-vegetation-area-overlay-data-prior-to-application-of-zones-supporting-information-only-exhibited-version.pdf (12 downloads) 32.12 MB 2022-06-30
george-town-draft-lps-post-lodgement-conference-7-october-2021-list-of-i.pdf (10 downloads) 558.86 kB 2021-10-18
george-town-draft-lps-c15.0-landslip-hazard-areas-overlay-exhibited-version.pdf (6 downloads) 15.86 MB 2022-06-30
george-town-draft-lps-c13.0-bushfire-prone-areas-overlay-exhibited-version.pdf (8 downloads) 14.71 MB 2022-06-30
george-town-draft-lps-c12.0-flood-prone-hazard-areas-overlay-exhibited-version.pdf (10 downloads) 23.22 MB 2022-06-30
george-town-draft-lps-c11.0-coastal-inundation-hazard-area-overlay-exhibited-version.pdf (7 downloads) 18.54 MB 2022-06-30
george-town-draft-lps-c10.0-coastal-erosion-hazard-area-overlay-exhibited-version.pdf (5 downloads) 14.87 MB 2022-06-30
george-town-draft-lps-c8.0-scenic-protection-area-overlay-exhibited-version.pdf (13 downloads) 14.56 MB 2022-06-30
george-town-draft-lps-c7.0-natural-assets-code-overlays-exhibited-version.pdf (9 downloads) 20.18 MB 2022-06-30
george-town-draft-lps-c4.0-electricity-infrastructure-protection-area-overlays-exhibited-version.pdf (10 downloads) 14.23 MB 2022-06-30
george-town-draft-lps-c2.0-parking-precinct-plan-overlay-exhibited-version.pdf (9 downloads) 13.81 MB 2022-06-30
ak-consultants-report.pdf (21 downloads) 3.07 MB 2022-07-28