What can I do with non-acceptable waste?

There are two main landfill sites licensed to take Controlled or non-acceptable waste. These are Port Latta in the North West, and Dulverton in the North. In the south the Hobart City Council site at McRobies Gully can take limited Controlled Waste such as some medical waste and quarantine waste. In the north, the Launceston City Council site at Remount Road can take small and limited quantities of controlled waste.

It is always wise to contact the waste management officers at the Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment to ask their advise before you dispose of any Controlled Waste or if you are unsure if your waste is considered 'Controlled Waste 'or not.

A number of waste removal businesses licensed to remove such waste operate around the State. Contact details for these businesses are listed in the Yellow Pages under Waste Reduction and Disposal Services.