What is regarded as acceptable and non-acceptable waste?

Generally, acceptable waste includes:

  • normal domestic and commercial waste
  • recyclable materials (separated and left at collection points at the waste transfer station or landfill site for recycling)
  • green waste (never mixed with any general domestic waste)
  • tyres (a levy is paid on each disposed tyre)
  • refrigerators and other white goods
  • gas bottles
  • paint tins
  • building materials
  • batteries.

What is considered acceptable waste can vary depending on the licensing conditions for the particular landfill site.

If you have a query regarding what can be accepted at George Town Municipality Landfill and Recycling Sites contact Council on (03) 6382 8800.

Generally, non-acceptable waste includes:

  • Controlled Waste - defined as any waste with a hazardous characteristic that has special controls on the method of disposal and may endanger public health or the environment. Typically, such waste may be derived from plant and animal processing or industrial and chemical waste, especially if such waste has the potential to be toxic, corrosive or explosive.

  • asbestos

  • household or farm chemicals

  • liquid waste including septic sludge

  • chemical containers

  • dead animals.