How do I remove the weeds?

The actions you need to take to remove weeds in your area depend on:

  • the weed(s) you are dealing with
  • the environmental conditions.

Successful weed control requires consideration of both the characteristics of the plant as well as the context in which it is growing. What may be a successful and acceptable solution in one situation may be ineffective or inappropriate in another. Seek professional advice before undertaking weed control work.

Often an integrated approach that uses a combination of control methods is required to effectively deal with a weed. These methods may include:

  • pulling or digging out by hand or by machine
  • mulching or establishing competitive vegetation
  • grazing, mowing or slashing
  • spraying with appropriate herbicides.

When using chemicals:

  • take adequate safety precautions, eg wear gloves and sturdy footwear
  • always read the instructions on the label
  • be particularly careful near lakes and waterways as some chemicals harm aquatic ecosystems.

Some weeds need a variety of methods to successfully remove them and some follow-up work will nearly always be required.

Contact your local DPIWE Regional Weed Management Officers , your council weed management officer or join a local community group to find out more.