If there are declared weeds on my land, what does it mean?

The Weed Management Act 1999 puts obligations on all landholders, whether public and private, to actively control or eradicate any declared weeds on their property. Weed Management Plans provide detailed information on the legal obligations for landowners with declared weeds. This includes restrictions on:

  • sale
  • trade
  • importation
  • imovement of declared weeds, or anything that may be contaminated by declared weeds.

In areas where declared weeds have not yet been recorded, it is everyone's responsibility to prevent the weeds getting established and to look out for new infestations.

If you travel from areas interstate or overseas infected with declared weeds, it is important that you check all your belongings for seeds, fruit and plant matter, or get quarantine officials to check them when you arrive in Tasmania. The Plant Quarantine Act 1997 restricts the importation of some plants.

Weed inspectors can require action to be taken to remove weeds. Your local council can provide you with contact details for the weed inspector in your area. The weed inspector will be able to provide you with more detailed information on your legal obligations.

Phillip Young (weed inspector) contactable at Council's Work Depot on 63828800.