What are the Council's responisbilities regarding weeds?

Under the Weed Management Act 1999 , Weed Management Plans have been prepared for all declared weeds. These plans specify municipal areas where the weed must be eradicated and where the weed must at least be contained.

Weed Management Plans provide the legal framework by which weed law enforcement can occur. For information regarding the Weed Management Plans in the George Town municipal area, and listed plants for eradication or control, contact Phillip Young on 63823079

A number of councils have prepared Weed Management Strategies that detail specific approaches to weed management within the municipality. There may also be an appointed weed inspector within council.

Councils have some obligations under Section 39 of the Local Government (Highways) Act 1982 to keep roadsides clear of vegetation that may obstruct sightlines or become dangerous, including weedy vegetation.