What is a grazing lease?

Many of the grassy open eucalypt forest and woodland communities of Tasmania on both private and public land are subjected to grazing by domestic livestock. This 'rough grazing' or the grazing of 'native pastures' has a long history in Tasmania.

Leases or licences to use Crown land are obtainable through the Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment (DPIWE), if the intended use is compatible with the reasons why the Government is continuing to own the land. Examples of leased and licensed occupation of Crown land include:- grazing, marine structures, and fish processing factories. These are governed by the Crown Lands Act 1976 andCrown Lands Regulations 2001, and can be viewed at the Tasmanian Legislation web site.

Forestry Tasmania manages informal agistment licences for farmers wishing to use State Forest lands for grazing purposes. These are obtainable from Forestry Tasmania Head Office, 79 Melville Street, Hobart.

Similar arrangements are available for areas owned by Hydro Tasmania and for more information regarding these contact them at 4 Elizabeth Street, Hobart.