Stock Control


Important information concerning the interpretations of legislation and other policies contained in this page. It is recommended that the Disclaimer be read in conjunction with the information provided.

The rules relating to stock crossings and the movement of livestock are contained within Traffic (Road Rules) Regulations 1999 ("Road Rules"), sections 362 to 366,and are enforced by the Tasmanian Police.

  1. What is the definition of livestock?
  2. Do I need a permit to move my stock?
  3. Are there any special requirements when I'm moving stock?
  4. When can I move my stock?
  5. Am I responsible for any mess my stock make on the roads?
  6. How do I choose a stock-crossing site?
  7. Does my regular crossing site require council permission?
  8. How do I warn other road users?
  9. Can my stock graze along the roadside?
  10. Can my animals be impounded by the council?
  11. What if stock has strayed onto my property?
  12. What is a grazing lease?

Public Liability Insurance

Farmers are urged to consider that the cover provided to councils under their Insurance scheme does not extend to liability incurred by farmers who graze their stock on roadsides.

For more information contact George Town's Animal Control Officer on 6382 8800.